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A website named stumbleupon is probably one of the most interesting tool to discover interesting and fun infos on the net. I've been a user of the stumbleupon toolbar for quite a while, and it has introduced me to a series of fun and beneficial informations. Today I stumbled upon a website that lists The World's 18 Strangest Gardens. A few design caught me eye and I'm listing a few in this post. Actually I dont find these gardens strange, I found it very interesting.

[1] California Academy of Sciences' Living Roof.
Location : San Francisco, Calif. 
Why It's Unique : The garden's two larger contours sync up to the planetarium and rainforest exhibitions down below, but the roof is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. More photos click here

[2] Las Pozas
Location : Xilitla, Mexico 
Why It's Unique : At points, it seems as though the abundance of artwork would detract from the beauty of the natural landscape and diverse fauna. Then again, it's a small plot of land when considering the size of the whole rainforest, and as the years pass, the artwork and gardens meld into the environment more and more. More photos click here.

[3] Step Garden at Acros Fukuoka
Location : Fukuoka, Japan
Why It's Unique : Acros Fukuoka's walls are mostly glass, allowing natural light to flood the building year-round. More photos click here.

[4] White Head Institute Splice Garden
Location : Cambridge, Mass.
Why It's Unique : Looks can be deceptive: Splice Garden's plants are all plastic, and the hedges are actually Astroturf-covered pieces of steel. The hue of green emanating from the ground is the work of colored gravel and green paint. Despite the dearth of genuine vegetation, the final design still provides a calm space for scientists to contemplate protein folding and stem-cell differentiation. More photos click here.

[5] Seiruka Garden
Location : St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo 
Why It's Unique : People have long extolled the therapeutic benefits of gardens, and a growing number of studies are providing fact-based evidence showing these benefits to be tangible. Callaway points out that there are certain factors that need to be accounted for in the design of a garden for a hospital or healthcare facility. For instance, a continuously looping garden is ideal for patients with Alzheimer's disease, and designers should keep in mind paved pathways and the steepness of inclines for patients in wheelchairs. While Seiruka Garden is conventional in terms of design, having a peaceful retreat at a hospital—whether as a patient, doctor or visitor—is invaluable.

[6] Hanging Basket
Location : London, England 
Why It's Unique : Weighing in at more than a quarter of a ton, Hotel Indigo claims this is the world's largest hanging flower basket. The 20-foot by 10-foot basket hangs from 25 feet up in the air and took engineers three weeks to build and a solid day of work to install. Over 100 varieties of flowers and plants are in the pot, and, given London's reputation for rain, they will likely have a prosperous future.

The internet can be a reliable source, for certain things, that is :)

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