How to do : Ball & Burlap

Tonight I'm going to post photos on how to make a ball & burlap. Why do we do this? Sometimes during construction we need to transplant a tree. This method enables us to protect the root system plus making sure the soil around the roots is intact. However, this method is suitable for plants that has grown past a seedling size (greater than 3 feet in height) to a sapling (a tree with a trunk diameter at chest level) or tree size. 

These photos are actually taken during my degree years in UPM.

First identify the plant you want to transplant. Clear the soil surface and carefully dig out the plant, making sure the roots and the soil around it is not disturbed.

This is how your root ball should look like. Place your sackcloth on the ground, put soil in the middle and cut  like shown in the photo below. This cutting divides the cloth into 4 section that will be used to wrap the soil+root ball.

Next, bring up 2 corners of the cloth, and then the other 2 and finally 'pin' the corners using nails or sticks.

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 When all four corners are 'pinned', it should look like the photo below.

Then add a bit of top soil and make sure all sides are filled with soil. We don't want any unattended space in there. The ball & burlap must be compact and firm.

Then tie the ball! This task should be done at least with a friend/assistant. Unless you have super strong arms to hold everything in one time.

Last but not least, tie the end underneath it. Done!

Your ball and burlap! This photo however is from the internet. I couldn't find the image of the completed ball and burlap ;p

Good luck in doing yours!

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