Sansiviera trifasciata

Scientific name : Sansiviera trifasciata
Common name : Lidah mak mertua
Location : Pusat Flora Cheras, Hulu Langat, Selangor, MY

*This plant has many uses. Some of them are; [1] Fibre from the leaves of Sansevieria is used locally for making string, rope, nets, mats, hats, backs for matting, hammocks and coarse fabrics, mainly in India and Africa. [2] In Vietnam Sansevieria fibre is sometimes used for making string. [3] In Singapore and Indo-China the warm juice of S. trifasciata leaves is dropped into the ear as a treatment for earache. [4] In Perak (Malaysia) a warm decoction of the leaves is applied to itchy skin. [5] In Java the sap of S. trifasciata has been used to promote hair-growth. [6] In the Philippines roasted Sansevieria leaves serve as an emollient. [source]

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