Water feature at Australia's National Portrait Gallery

It has been so long since my last update. Few months back, I was busy packing for Australia and once I have arrived I was busy settling down. I have been here since end of August and frankly, I am still adjusting and settling down. 

Today we went to the National Portrait Gallery. We arrived quite late but manage to enjoy the exhibition. The building's design was modern with wonderful cement render finish that I always admire. Nothing compliments a modern building better than a water feature. The water feature complimented the lush greenery surrounding the gallery and softens the harshness of the concrete building. 

The purpose of the National Portrait Gallery is to increase the understanding and appreciation of the Australian people – their identity, history, culture, creativity and diversity – through portraiture.

Next visit will be the National Museum, hopefully :)

At the end of the water feature, the catchment is equipped with wire mesh, trapping leaves and any solids.

The arrangement of tiles are repeated inside the water feature.

The ripples of the water creates soothing music for the area.

The water feature is tiered, and there is no stagnant water.

Entrance to the gallery.

The water feature from the main road.

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