Pruning gone wrong

Sad to say, this is a frequently seen scenario happened here, is our country. Plants that are pruned the wrong way. Even worse, pruning plants that are NOT supposed to be pruned. That is why it is so important for Landscape Architect or even home owners to know about the plants they want to use in their garden. Even if the home owner is not an expert, at least inquire information from the nursery owner about the plants they about to buy. No hurt in gaining extra knowledge, right? I was on my way to a wedding when we passed by this house. Immediately I ask my husband to capture this image.

What is pruning? How important is pruning? There are dozens of articles about these topics, please read them for better understanding.

Pruning is essentially the act of discarding old plant materials to allow the plant's resources to build new growth. This ongoing procedure will make a garden or landscape get stronger and stronger. Some people prune their plants to control its growth. Some because they want to shape their plants to certain shapes (topiary). Some of the techniques in pruning includes thinning cuts, heading cuts, pinching and shearing. 

What ever the reason, we have to understand the nature of the plants around us - how it grows, how fast it grows etc. We may not be expert is plants and how to maintain/prune them, but with a little reading, it can really help. 

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