Sungei Palas BOH Tea Centre

Eid mubarak people! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. How was your holiday? Hope all is well.

This eid, our family took a short detour to Cameron Highlands! The last time I went was during my degree years, an ecology project. We went to BOH Tea Centre at Sungei Palas. Wonderful place, fresh air and beautiful weather. The tea centre is located in Brinchang about 2km away from Kea Farm Market or 5km after town. It complements the main BOH estate in Habu, Ringlet, with its very own tea center, visitor gallery and show factory. To view the landsmarks & location map, click here

The tea centre was designed by Hostasia Corporation. They provide efficient and comprehensive tourism, leisure and hospitality development services in Asia and Middle East. They design hotels, resorts, spas and even themed restaurants. In 2004, BOH plantations commissioned  Hostasia to conceptualize, develop, build and operate a new tea centre in the Cameron Highlands. The link the its website can be reached by clicking here

Are you a tea lover? I am. I prefer tea to coffee. Tea was said could help in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer. There are also research evidence which indicates that drinking around four to five cups of tea a day may have a beneficial effect on two long established heart disease risk factors, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. Although the effect is small on an individual basis, when translated to whole population, the potential effect on heart disease risk reduction could be considerable.

However, I strongly suggest, whatever we do/eat/drink, must be done/taken moderately. Too much of so many things is always bad. Here are some photos I manage to snap before the battery of my camera drained out.

My boys :)

The tea centre.

Notice the details?



Time out..

Bamboo fence as boundary and to cover the estate housing area.

Way down. 

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