A visit to PJ Trade Centre

Last  semester the 2nd year studio went for a visit to PJ Trade Centre near Damansara Perdana. The Centre is actually a cluster of 'naked' skyscrapers, housing 4 towers. Tower A is Menara Mustapha Kamal (not the actor), Tower B is the new BATA headquarters, Tower C is Menara Hasil (Income Tax) and Tower D is owned by the Perak Clay and chemical manufacturing group Taiko. The lanscape was designed by the famous Seksan. I always loves Seksan's choice of plants. They usually use forest plant species (which I am not familiar with), with beautiful tall thin clear trunks and small leaves. 

One thing that I've learnt about forest trees is, always plant them in clumps. Their natural habitat in the forest are usually clumps - very close to one another. When the trees are planted 'alone', it does not survive as well as when it is planted in clumps. I remember the Pulai trees planted near the highway towards UPM toll. When ever there is strong wind, it is most likely a tree would fall.

These are some of the photos of the area. 

For more photos, click the Read more below..

I should have taken more photos. Maybe next time :)

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