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Space have become a common issue in urban areas. The need of space to cater vehicular movement, human needs and green space has become an arguable 'war'. Which comes first? The need to provide humans with countless amenities or the need to provide a healthy living and working space? All of this is not necessarily need to stand alone. Using the knowledge and findings by researches enables us to create a space that able to meet the needs of humans not only socially but also financially + healthy. 

Previously the urban area is haunted by the fact that there is too little green space available within the city. Developments were focused too much in building offices and also residential areas, and one day, we looked back and forgot about the need of a 'breathing' space.

Vertical is the way to go. Vertical landscapes, vertical agriculture, vertical farming, vertical zoo, and who knows there might be a project on vertical ponds. Of late, a few students have started to develop vertical design approach in their final project. I have also stumbled upon a few interesting projects on this vertical design approach. If you come across any other projects on vertical landscapes, please leave the link at the comment form :)

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#1 Urban Island Prototype 01 by Erick Kristanto. This design is for the Seattle Urban Intervention Competition. It is more to an elevated space with various different activities as multiple magnets. 


#2 Vertical farming - a few images of the conceptual ideas + link for further readings.



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