Undergraduate project: Revealing the Landscape 2012

During my undergraduate years, the projects I've done are some of the most interesting, especially during my 1st year. I really loved seeing students' art installations and also hearing them explaining their projects. Some were very straight forward and some sounds almost too logic to be true :)

I stumbled upon this website while searching for a potential PhD supervisor. An installation project by undergraduate students. More photos can be seen from the website link below. 

The text and photos are taken from http://laep.ced.berkeley.edu/blakegarden/?p=1816

The Unseen Landscape: an installation project is done by undergraduates in the Landscape Architecture Design 101 class taught by Daphne Edwards. The students were to choose a site in the garden and design an intervention/installation to highlight a landscape feature or quality. The project is up in the garden until Friday , October 12. boards and models will be in the greenhouse to view after  Wednesday, Oct. 10th.

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